About Us

It started in a windy London park one grey afternoon, two mothers got talking about good design. Federica and Lettice both have 3 boys each who were lunged for hours after school in the park. We both believe in the power of a good t shirt, not least because in childhood it is a staple of a boys wardrobe and it was difficult to find original ones on the high street. The seed of an idea was born which has blossomed over the years into what you see today- we sell great t shirts with good design at the heart of our business, inspired by vintage Americana and our own nostalgia.


We believe in living life to the full every day just like you do in childhood. We believe that the happiness children find on a windy Scottish beach in a leaky wet suit is just the same happiness that is to be found wearing swimming trunks in the turquoise seas of the Caribbean. Wild swimming in a murky stream is equal to horizon-pools of a 5 star hotel; the same joy no matter what or where. Happiness and confidence knows no boundaries.  We want to be part of that journey, inspiring the confidence to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest, to encourage that infectious zest for life that is so readily given. We believed that we could create the perfect t-shirt to help fire up that passion for every day life. We believe that this has been overlooked, that this has been completely glossed over and mass market t shirts are churned out on high street tables. 

How do we do it?

By doing it slowly and with passion, with integrity. Do it once, do it well and do it with consideration for others. By offering an alternative to high-street/mainstream fashion at an affordable price, we strive to find the right balance between quality, ethics, trends and by finding exactly what stokes that fire.

 We want to take care of the planet for the future generations we are entrusting it to. We want to lead by example. Sustainability was a founding principle of Catapult. It doesn’t define us, it’s simply a fundamental ingredient.

What’s in a name? 

The name Catapult came to us because it defined the simplicity of boyish fun- the bare bones of all you need to make a game and it typifies all we strive to do.

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