Bricks and Stitches Collaboration

Lettice Hagan

Posted on February 09 2019

Bricks and Stitches Collaboration

We are so excited to be working with Becky at BricksnStitches. We have collaborated in designing a t shirt for her which launches today combining two of her greatest passions, skiing and fashion.

We asked Becky to tell us a little bit about how BricksnStitches came about.

 I qualified as a solicitor and practiced until I had children. Post children life needed to be more flexible and more focused on the boys while they were young. For the past ten years I have worked from home doing event management as well as managing various properties.

     I have always had a keen interest in interiors & fashion & started my Bricks & Stitches instagram page on my 38th birthday, October 2016. It started as a hobby and a record of all things I love & have been inspired by. The blog came a few months later followed by the online shop in September 2017. I had no idea initially how it was all going to pan out but am beyond thrilled that my hobby has now turned into an ever evolving and growing business.

     As I am a small business I love working with and supporting other independent businesses. I have found that one of the best ways of doing this is by collaborating with brands with a similar message or audience. I have always loved Catapult Clothing & bought lots of it over the years for my boys. Nice boys clothing is hard to come by and Catapult have filled a gap in the market by providing fun, stylish & good quality clothing for boys.  Until now Catapult haven’t designed adults clothing, we saw an opportunity, joined forces and here we present our first collaboration... Apres! 

Becky has a fabulous Instagram feed which deservedly has a very loyal following. She does all the hard work of trawling through shops, brands, magazines and the internet to find a beautifully curated collection which she shares with the world. Her style is versatile and she rocks a pair of dungarees or ripped jeans as well as she does catwalk fashion. Her positive, infectious enthusiasm for her all the clothes that she finds regardless of the price (huge excitement at finding a coat from a supermarket OR a pair of Jimmy Choos) makes her addictive to follow. She has recently been backpacking in Colombia with her family and that too was a colourful, happy adventure for all to follow as we get a sneaky peak behind the scenes of places that many of us may never get the chance to see.

So where does her love of skiing come from?

‘I started skiing at about 5years old. We went to Switzerland or Austria pretty much 14 years on the trot as children. Loved it, perfect snowy Christmases. We also skied at Easter most years with family or on school ski trips to France. Our boys have been skiing ever since they were 2. A little early on reflection- we had some battles- but they are completely addicted now and bomb down the mountain faster than us!

We love skiing so much that we married in Zermatt and dragged 60 of our mates out there with us….it was the most incredible week.

We still ski every year but now at Easter- we always ski in high resorts as the snow tends to be a bit more reliable later in the season. It’s warmer and sunnier too so better for long lunches outside! It used to be the boys who tried to eek out lunches but now they are hurrying us to finish our beers and get going. I never thought I would say it but I am becoming a bit of a fair weather skier. Sunshine, long lunches, precious family time and of course the ever important APRES are all absolute necessities in making the perfect ski holiday.

We were delighted when she asked us to collaborate and greatly admire her passion for promoting small brands. If you don’t already, we strongly recommend following her @bricksandstitches

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