Autumn Photoshoot

Federica Medina

Posted on October 20 2015

Autumn Photoshoot


Christmas Fair season is underway for Catapult and we thought it would be good to champion some of the incredible Mumpreneurs we come across on our journey, weaving from fair to fair, schools, pop-ups & private sales. 

Firstly KATRINA CAMPBELL who has recently taken our Autumn Photo Shoot.  Family photography always seems a bit of a minefield to me- there are so many advertisements sprawling over the pages of magazines,  I am somewhat blinded by them and frankly a bit put off. A great friend recommended Katrina and I started to follow her on instagram @katrinacampbellphotographs and on facebook.  Aside from the fact that like Fede and I, Katrina has 3 boys too (which struck a chord), most importantly for Catapult- she captures children ‘at play’. As I scrolled down my instagram feed, I found myself rather looking forward to a picture of a cheeky boy up a tree or playing in the water on the south bank, she always captures the child so naturally. For us, this clinched the deal because we felt strongly that this was precisely how we felt about our t-shirts and clothes. We want children to enjoy wearing them and continue to get dirty in them, climb trees in them, fix bikes in them and do precisely what children love to do.  Katrina was very excited to get involved with Catapult and even sneakily borrowed a few toys from her own sons for the shoot! 

Conkers victory

The shoot was completely effortless, the children didn’t even notice they were having their pictures taken most of the time and at the end, with goodie bags in hand they thanked us for the party! Surely there is no greater praise than that?! Thank you Katrina for being so brilliant with all the children- we are very excited to recommend you to all our Catapult followers. 

Katrina Campbell Photography 

or Follow her on Instagram/Facebook @katrinacampbellphotographs 

Look out for our next Mumpreneur, Becky Ewart-White (a nutritionist)  who is doing a blog takeover for us. She is going to be writing about how we should feed our 5-12 years, catering for their growing needs. 

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