Lettice Hagan

Posted on March 10 2015

Fede and I were chatting about books earlier this week and thought it might be fun to pool our resources and write down some of our family favourites to share. When Bruno was born, a family friend gave us 5 boy books that she had chosen having had 3 boys herself and to this day, they remain our family favourites too.
1) Guess What I Found in Dragonwood- Timothy Knapman
If you go down to the woods today, you never know what you might find. A curious little dragon meets a new friend, but he's not sure what to make of him at all. Apparently, it's called a Benjamin, but the Benjamin doesn't have any wings, scales or even a tail! Luckily, little boys AND little dragons like football, and the Benjamin soon teaches them a trick or two. If only the grown-up Benjamins were as friendly. Still, the unlikely pair remain the best of friends and the little dragon promises to meet the Benjamin's teacher one day . . . or was that eat his teacher?!

2) Claude – Alex T Smith
6 books in the Claude series- Claude, no ordinary dog and his friend Sir Bobblysock (‘who is both a sock and quite bobbly’) have some extraordinary adventures when their owners, Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes leave the house for work each day. Laugh out loud for parents and children. We always go back to Claude when the boys are tired. With characters like ‘Miss High-Kick Spin’ and ‘Mrs Cowpat’ featuring to name a couple, you can’t help but giggle.

3) Curious George – H.A Rey
Even though Curious George has now been televised, it isn’t hard to understand why over 25 million copies of the Curious George stories have been sold worldwide. The original stories about George, the curious yet innocent monkey and his peculiar habit for stirring up trouble always takes the reader on a fun-filled adventure and it never matters if it’s getting lost in a department store or in a jungle, the boys always ask for another one when it’s finished.

4) Burglar Bill- Janet & Alan Ahlberg
Hardly a surprise to find the Ahlbergs on a list of ‘favourite books’ - it is hard to pick out a favourite but usually I can keep all 3 riveted to Burglar Bill without a moments distraction, perhaps it’s just the good old fashioned ending that he marries Burglar Betty and they all live happily ever after, personally I am always waiting for the baby to say ‘Boggla-Bol’.

5) Nicolas- Renee Goscinny & Illustrated by J.Sempe
The five Nicholas books tell of the endearing exploits of the young French school boy and his chums. Available in twenty six languages and established as a literary cult figure, the sublimely innocent Nicholas never fails to make us chuckle. (From 7yrs upwards)

6) Danny The Champion of The World- Roald Dahl
I didn’t have the heart to exclude Roald Dahl- we love ALL his books but in a family of boys, this one resonates very deeply with us. At the moment, 2 out of 3 boys want to live in a gypsy caravan and certainly to grow up to be as brave and clever as Danny is, masterminding such an exciting and satisfying plot to outwit the greedy landowner Hazell.

This is by no means definitive, it is merely a snapshot of our bookshelves featuring a handful of books which our boys always love no matter how tired.

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