Lettice Hagan

Posted on February 03 2015

Even though Christmas is long gone, we squirrelled away a few surplus birthday/Christmas presents in the cupboard for a rainy day and as rainy days are rather plentiful at this time of year, we thought we might put some of our favourites on the site to share.
OUTDOOR TOYS – big hits are the WABOBA which is the best £4.99 you will ever spend for a boy of any age. The basic Waboba (Waboba extreme) bounces on water like the best bouncy ball you have ever been given and if it hits a wave even has the added twist of going off at a tangent so you can do a dramatic dive into the sea to catch it. Not only that, it only really needs a couple of inches of water to work so at low tide or on a deep puddle in the park, you can still play with it. In fact I gave it to my husband for Valentine’s Day one year and it is undoubtedly our most essential beach item. We also love the STOMP ROCKET. Every boy loves this too, we normally give and receive one each year it’s such a corker! Other favourites include the VORTEX (a sort of oval shaped throwing-thing with a tail that whistles if you throw it right). AEROBIE and in fact FRISBEE in all forms are always popular. Playmobil (bizarrely) make a glider aeroplane which is
phenomenal even doing loop the loop (be warned fathers become easily addicted to this one).
LIGHTS- Frankly anything with a light is a winner. We love headlamps for dens, camping and midnight feasts. Torches of every size (key ring size right up to the ones that turn into lanterns). Glow in the dark stars/lights/bricks/stars/dinosaurs even shoe laces and pyjamas- are always a massive hit. Our best find this Christmas was the Light Sabre Key ring (expensive but everyone wants one now!) We also received Lego torches and a Lego brick this year. I am beginning to question whose idea it was to have rechargeable batteries….
TOP SECRET- The Spy theme appeals to all ages with varying degrees of mischief but a TOP SECRET box with its own combination padlock is a guaranteed hit. We also love spy pens, spy listening/recording gadgets, book safes with secret compartments to fool younger siblings too.
BOARD GAMES – Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly, Articulate, Draughts, Chess give universal pleasure from about 5 years old upwards. This year we discovered ‘Brainmaster’ which was brilliant from 6yrs and very addictive. Battleships is for just 2 players but I love that the craze has come round again, a generation later. JENGA both table sized and giant for the garden.
HEELIES- enough said, Fede and I are secretly coveting a pair ourselves. They don’t seem to take long to master but these trainers with wheels are a brilliant addition in a playground or shopping centre. They don’t work brilliantly unless it’s flat but they have certainly brightened up a few shopping trips! The next generation pogo stick or space hopper maybe….

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