Top 5 things to do with boys in London

So whilst we are busy planning for our summer collection and can’t reveal any Catapult design secrets yet, we thought we would tell you about some of the things our boys love doing in London. We just want to add that we are not excluding girls at all it’s only that whilst we start up our brand we thought we should begin with what we know. In fact we rather hope that the girls will enjoy one of our new designs coming up this summer….

1) Both Fede and I have at least 1 dinosaur obsessed boy each so number 1 spot definitely goes to the National History Museum. Even the non-dinosaur obsessed boy cannot fail to be impressed by the life size T-Rex that roars and swishes its tail. Even if it’s just a quick visit, there are plenty of interactive stop off points too if the humpback whale loses its lustre too quickly. There are also plenty of creepy crawlies and other Deadly 60 style predators too so most boys find something that appeals. Even better- it’s right by the fabulous SCIENCE MUSEUM too with so many fun experiments to try, space rockets, aeroplane simulators- it was a close call deciding top spot.
2) The London Transport Museum is also one of our favourites. This one spans from toddler to 10 years old without hesitation as it is all about VEHICLES. Nice bright colours and easily recognisable buses and taxis for the little ones and so many to climb in and drive too. For the older ones, it is very educational and there are plenty of interactive gadgets here too. Don’t miss the fabulous shop with London’s most iconic images available on everything from a coffee cup to a cushion, mouse mat to yoga mat.
3) The Rainforest Café would probably be included in our London Transport trip so we thought it worth a mention here too- although it seems touristy, it is for good reason as you can eat in real rainforest surroundings with giant leaves and stuffed animals everywhere, animal sounds are being played in the background and a real waterfall running by the tables. Every now and again, a waiter in fancy dress emerges as a tropical frog which never fails to delight the youngest boys. Our older boys are always enchanted with the novelty surrounds and delighted at the giant ice creams available too.
4) Clipn’Climb in Chelsea is recently opened and although you do need to book ahead to guarantee a spot, you won’t be disappointed- this is well worth it for adult and child alike. 22 climbing walls all in different colours, some tetris shapes to grip onto, pipes, zig-zags, boulders and all named something imaginative like ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Skyscraper’ or ‘Alien’. Staff are on hand for safety briefing and tuition and a café with a viewing gallery too. Tree climbers are in paradise here.
5) Being Putney based, we have a fabulous boat service that goes all the way down to the South Bank and we love avoiding the busy tube sometimes and gliding down the Thames and visiting the TATE MODERN. On the whole, we have found that the boys don’t last long in museums and art galleries but the TATE MODERN is such a great space and the installations are often gigantic, brightly coloured and usually pretty startling too- they always provoke a reaction. We like it too because the South Bank always has street artists and music to accompany the breath taking views of London so it makes for a brilliant day into town.